Participants of the Georgia Flag Football League (GFFL) will have fun while being physically active and will gain knowledge of the sport. Young athletes will learn every position on the field as well as football fundamentals. Experienced athletes will enhance their gameplay skills in a non-contact environment. 

Practices will be conducted in various locations in Columbia County. Practices will be held Saturdays during pre-season. Once games begin, practices will be held twice a week in the evening. Each team will play two games on Saturday from 9-2 PM with a one hour break in between games. Cancellations due to inclement weather will be played on Sundays from 1-6 PM. All games will be held at the Greenbrier Middle School.. Bring a tent and some chairs, and enjoy the GFFL gameday experience!



Each participant of GFFL will receive an official NFL Flag Football reversible jersey, NFL Flag Football socks, matching uniform shorts, and NFL Flag Football belt. Participants are required to wear a mouth guard (without a strap) and soccer or football cleats. Metal cleats are not permitted. Sleeves will be available for order if you are interested but are not part of the uniform package. 


Participants of GFFL MUST be between the ages of 9-14 by January 1, 2023 and reside in Columbia County, Georgia. GFFL is a Co-ed league. Age groups will be 9-14. See League Information for gameplay rules. 


Games will be held on Saturdays, spanning mid-morning (9am) to early afternoon (3pm). Each team will play two games, with an hour break in between. Each team will play 12 (or adjusted based on registration results) regular season games. Playoff Tournament games and the Pro-Bowl will follow the regular season. Game play will consist of 6v6 for two 22 minute halves with a one minute halftime. Each team will consist of TWO 7 player Squads. The Littles will be 9-11 and the Biggs will be 12-14 This ensures all players learn offense and defense equally, promoting player development. In the event a team has less than 12 players, coaches will communicate to determine their flex players. No Ironman football by a single player. If a team has limited players, the coaches can agree to play 5v5 for that specific game. Prior to each game, each coaching staff must agree with their opponent which participants will be playing with each squad.  One coach per team is permitted to be on the field assisting with offense and/or defense. As the season progresses, it's encouraged that coaches empower their players to lead their Squads with decreased direction. 


GFFL's unique gameplay of two squads enables siblings of various ages to be on the same team. Please note participant siblings when you register. Non-sibling team requests can be submitted at the time of registration, but are not guaranteed, as teams are created via live coaches draft.


After you register, you will receive a confirmation email that your registration has been submitted. A welcome email will be sent to all emails we have on file after registration closes on January 31st. After team evaluations, coaches will draft their players. Rosters, practice times and locations, and game schedules will be posted on the GFFL website. Occasional updates will also be posted to the GFFL Facebook page.